King Maker AP

That Time Tyler Stole Gold From Jeremy


p. Last week we saw our characters set out on their "Grand Adventure", and probably their last. Some of them found out that you cant just assume a beaten cave, frog-like, creature isn't going to bite you when you try to usher them away in shackles. Shackles that have been on His races hands and feat for ages. Sometimes a sick dog just has to be put down, and you did but with a nice chunk of your arm to pay. It all worked out, though. The Cleric of the group patched him right up. Your characters then made their way from the beach, up a hill, where they came to a fork in the road. Do we go to a conspicuous shack? Nope. As one character said "It looks upside down". Reasoning all the same. Instead you found a party of Drow, out looking for more slaves. These might have been the same Drow that hurt the frog-man. Maybe they were part of a search party. Either way, you handled them with ease, except the one that got away. After the fight, sudden intuition steered you toward the shack where you found a sweet innocent girl who has lost both of her parents. After telling her story, she has agreed to come with this strange group and act as their tour guide to the village she is from.

p. Your characters landed on this beach with the mission of surveying the land. Do what you must to get it done. Or don't and be hunted. You aren't the only Cartographers in the Emperors Army.



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