King Maker AP

That Time Goldsniffer Went Ham


After battling the voice chat gods and coming out alive, we were able to have a successful session where I almost won the grand prize of killing one of you fools.

We also got to meet another NPC, Bokken the Potion Maker. He's a pretty cool guy. He can craft any potion of a spell of 2nd level or less on the adept spell list, and generally keeps two potions of cure light wounds, two potions of endure elements, and a potion of cure moderate wounds handy. He also asked you to go on a quest for him and get revenge on his little brother for cutting off his finger and beating his mom. (did someone say side quest?) Speaking of side quest, you also found some wanted posters. You can thank your charismatic Cleric for actually talking.

After meeting Bokken, the four of you traveled like kids ready to open up Christmas presents. You found some tracks, some looked natural, others looked like the area might be little more dangerous than you thought.

Then you found a spider nest. Your nasty witch decided the spider needed nap time, Goldsniffer decided that the sleeping spider needed to be destroyed. Finn fell down a whole and almost died. Oh well, I'll get him next time.

You then came across a glade of moon radishes, a local treat. But this glade had already been claimed by some Kobolds (oh no!). Finn tried his typical sneaky business, in about 60 ft of open area. The Kobolds with their keen senses noticed him immediately and charged. But the rest of you came to his rescue. And did I mention Goldsniffer went ham and killed everything? Because that happened.

You gained nothing of interest but a good amount of XP.


brent_coatney brent_coatney

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