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  • That Time We Did Sneak Attack Wrong

    Last Sunday went well I thought. I'm working on a better organization set up for the next run so I don't kill the mood trying to look up something. Not saying this won't happen in the future but I will try to limit it as much as possible. …

  • That Time Tyler Stole Gold From Jeremy

    p. Last week we saw our characters set out on their "Grand Adventure", and probably their last. Some of them found out that you cant just assume a beaten cave, frog-like, creature isn't going to bite you when you try to usher them away in …

  • That Time Goldsniffer Went Ham

    After battling the voice chat gods and coming out alive, we were able to have a successful session where I almost won the grand prize of killing one of you fools.

    We also got to meet another NPC, Bokken the Potion Maker. He's a pretty …

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